Youtube SEO Tools: How to Use 8 Best Paid & Free SEO Tool 2018

Increase your YouTube view by using free and paid top 8 YouTube SEO tools which can optimize YouTube channel and boost your traffic.

YouTube is gaining more exposure than ever, and once its audience starts using it, odds of leaving it is very less. As per the latest statistics from YouTube itself.

YouTube SEO tools

YouTube SEO tools

•    The average number of people who have used YouTube is 1,300,000,000.

•    Every minute 300 hours of videos are being uploaded to YouTube!

•    Every single day around 5 billion videos is watched on YouTube from its loyal audience.

•    30 million visitors visit YouTube every day.

•    If we take in an average month, 8 out of 10 in 18-49 year-old watch YouTube.

YouTube SEO tools tips and tricks

YouTube SEO tools tips and tricks

These statistics show that YouTube is future of marketing world where crores of visitors are sticking to the world of videos?

Don’t you think that you are leaving a lot of money on the table?

YouTube differentiates itself from its big brother Google in many ways, which means we are looking at whole different metrics here unlike search engines like Google, Bing, and AOL.

Optimizing videos for search engines are quite necessary. But it isn’t always worth the try as might account for the maximum of 25% of views on YouTube. That is because of suggested views could stand for 50% or more of your video performance.

Well, that must be confusing right?

Don’t worry; we will tell you how you can do it using ready-made tools, optimizing your videos to search engines. We're going to show you eight best YouTube SEO tools, all of which may be used for free, to improve Youtube SEO.

You may use these YouTube SEO tools for your own videos. The results are promising, and we would like you to understand about the YouTube SEO tools too.

YouTube SEO Tools List:

1. TubeBuddy Chrome Extension:

This is one of the best and one of the favorite YouTube plugins among other YouTube SEO Tools, TubeBuddy has a lot of features and resources for bulk video processing as well as doing video optimization.

TubeBuddy Chrome Extension Download

TubeBuddy Chrome Extension Download

Once you've signed up for a TubeBuddy account on their site, you have to download and install the chrome extension from an official site.

In SEO, it's obvious that we’re going to need keywords which we can rank. We will have to know who is ranking for competitive keyword tags along with long tail keyword tags.

Tag Explorer feature of TubeBuddy:

TubeBuddy offers great features, but for the time being, we'll only focus on youtube SEO tools available in TubeBuddy chrome extension.

Tag Explorer feature of TubeBuddy

Tag Explorer feature of TubeBuddy

If you do a small search in the tags explorer, you will be given a lot of potential keyword tags with keyword difficulty of keyword along with search volume as well as competition, and also given an option to copy paste the tags used in your competitor's top videos. Suggested Tags feature of TubeBuddy

Once you've made a list of keywords using the tags explorer and identified your keyword tags which you can use to rank the video, TubeBuddy will do the rest of the work.

Pricing of TubeBuddy tool:

TubeBuddy follows the premium packages which range from just $9 to $39 per month depending upon your needs.

With the premium bundles, you'll have access to more features such as social media publishing, youtube description templates for cards and annotations as well as other YouTube SEO Tools which make your works so easier.

2. vidIQ Vision Chrome extension tool:

The vidIQ Vision Chrome extension provides many similar features as that of TubeBuddy. But this company concentrate much on insights of your audience.

You will obviously not get as many productivity features as the first one, but this YouTube SEO Tools is worth trying because of features like scoring system, which ultimately uses the different metric criteria to find how well optimized your video for YouTube algorithm.

vidIQ Vision Chrome extension tool

vidIQ Vision Chrome extension tool

Once you sign up for a vidIQ chrome extension in official site and install the chrome extension of vidIQ by downloading the package, you'll instantly get access to all the features of vidIQ

In settings option for every video, you'll see a little scorecard which lists out what you should do to improvise the entire optimization of your video.

vidIQ Vision Chrome extension download

Once you start working on it from the option of the check list, you are going to see an updated rating which increases gradually.

Using the suggestions provided from the scorecard of vidIQ, you are going to increase the optimization for every video of yours. Some ideas will not necessarily affect your video to rank for but are important points to note.

Quick Look Analytics of vidIQ:

If you want to able to see how you're doing in a quick glance, only use the vidIQ shortcut and see a brilliant display of your channels valuable insights.

vidIQ Vision Chrome extension

In dash board, you will see

•    Your audience demographics video wise

•    Your best performing videos

•    Your top queries which are bringing video traffic

The graph situated at the top right corner also displays valuable insights like:

•    Number of views

•    Number of suggested views

•    Overall watch time

•    Total number of likes

•    Total number of comments

You have to keep one thing in mind that this is merely a YouTube SEO Tools of reference, YouTube's native built in analytic is a lot better than this.

Pricing of vidIQ:

Plans of vidIQ begin at just $7.50 per month for the Pro package up to $39 for your professional Boost package. You can be able to monitor more on your competitors and also keyword research tool, and even title and description recommendations from vidIQ.

3. Tubular Labs

This tool has generated some kind of unique tools for vlogger.



Top 2 amazing features of Tubular Labs

Your audience Insight:

Just imagine how it would be to look at your own YouTube channel, and find who your best engages from certain videos are and which videos they have engaged with, and have the ability to visit their YouTube channels. I know you must be thinking that it is too good to be true. But you read it right. It's now possible with this YouTube SEO Tools.

You can now be able to check in on your channel engages, you could easily get to understand and communicate with the audience.

Also, check out around their channel and take a glimpse of what they are really interested in, build a healthy relationship with them, it is all up to you, but now you have the youtube seo tools which can get it done for you.

Insights from YouTube sessions:

This feature is beneficial and free YouTube Dashboard. Using these insights, you can find the list of channels and videos your audience is engaging into following some tweaks.

Following metrics will be available:

•    Your audience overlap with the competitor.

•    Your audience engagement level.

•    Affinity index of your audience.

•    Your loyal subscriber base.

It's one of the best youtube seo tools for getting to know about your viewers and fan base.

Pricing of Tubular

Tubular doesn’t actually include a pricing for an average individual user. But their premium solutions are concentrated only on enterprise level companies and as influences marketing as well as YouTube content creators.

If you think you fall under these categories, you should check out and visit their website for more details on this information.

4. Bulk suggest tool

Using this simple way, you can quickly analyse and compare the both Google search phrases with YouTube’s available search terms, and we think it would be better if you do this manually by checking what your audience search for.

It searches both Google and Youtube’s "Auto-Complete" feature database to find and enlarge your initial term based on which users enter into the search box of YouTube.

Google Keyword Suggest Tool

Google Keyword Suggest Tool

The youtube seo tools is actually a free application which is developed by well-known Internet Marketing Ninjas, this tool performs the keyword search on your video before you upload it to YouTube.

If it comes to content submitting sites like YouTube, keyword research plays a crucial role, and we all know it. We should make a proper decision on keywords which should be included in the proper title as well as the description.

There are many good features powered by other similar tools like Google Suggest, but apparently, they work on a different method.

5. Bird song analytics

The best and most lucrative application to check how well your competitors' YouTube channel is doing is possible from BirdSong Analytics.

Making use of your competitor’s data is an absolute necessity in any of the marketing campaigns.

Bird song analytics

Bird song analytics

•    Your competitors' finest day to upload videos to increase user engagement.

•    Your competitors' best time to upload video to get engagements from users;

•    Your competitors' best day to upload video to get liked

All you have to do is to provide the YouTube channel name of your competitor, and this tool will look up for lots and lots of detailed descriptions of stats and reports, including:

Bird song analytics tool

Bird song analytics tool

This tool also lets you download the whole data of an Excel spreadsheet listing which consists of all of your competitors' data of videos.

which includes title of video, description of video, video upload date and also upload day, and duration as well as like views for each and every video.

6. Canva

The reason why we have listed out Canva in this list is that it conserves all of your saved templates at no cost, allowing to utilize the same copy of the template.

Canva Tool Download

Canva Tool Download

In order to create a new thumbnail for every one of your YouTube channels videos and maintain a consistent look for long term.

Follow these tips while using canva:

1.    Always upload images in a standard image format including png or jpg.

2.    Always keep the image size under the two mega bytes.

7. DrumUp tool

DrumUp is a youtube seo tools which can help you to get this done easily by scheduling your feed items into your social media accounts channels with just one click of a button, isn’t that amazing?

The best thing about this tool is that you can add as many Twitter accounts or Facebook accounts, and your LinkedIn accounts and also promote your video anywhere you want with much more creativity.

DrumUp tool

DrumUp tool

Then only it reaches the right audience.

Whenever you have to submit or upload your new video to YouTube channel, that means you have created your content for your loyal fan base which should be promoted simultaneously to all of your social media channels with either automation or manual work.

DrumUp is a premium youtube seo tools , but the "packs" attribute comes only in the paid bundle ($19 per month).

This is an excellent way to give your videos the initial push they need to go viral in short time using their first views and likes before spreading further into the audience.

8. Cyfe

Cyfe is both free and paid tool following a premium model, but using the free version of Cyfe will get the job done. To be honest, Cyfe is the best youtube seo tools to monitor your YouTube channel progress smoothly.

Cyfe Tool

Cyfe Tool

How to get a YouTube widget for your Cyfe dashboard follows the below steps:

1.    Click on the "Widgets" in your Cyfe dashboard.

2.    Then you have to navigate on to the "Social media" section and then click on "YouTube".

3.    Configure the widget as per your needs.

4.    Next, you have to click on the button "configure the widget".

5.    Choose between all of your videos or only single video which you can easily track.

Tracking metrics available for Cyfe:

•    A number of views on videos.

•    All traffic sources.

•    Your audience retention.

•    User engagement.

In our opinion, Cyfe is significantly better than using the YouTube analytics which comes built in since Cyfe is capable of providing the whole range of different YouTube metrics.

Conclusion: Though tools always come handy and make our tasks easier, it is always advised to cross check everything beforehand.

Most of the tools are having the premium model and most of the time free version of tools will get the job done, hence only buy the tools if you really need the features of the full version.

Also give extreme care while working with tools as human error possibility is very high in case of setting up a tool which may cause errors in foreseeable future.


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