White Hat SEO Techniques 2018 :10 TricksThat Will Rank You Faster

You are going to learn 10 White Hat SEO Techniques 2018 to implement.

White Hat SEO Techniques? Did you know what is this and how can it affect your website rank? Well in this post I have shared 10 best SEO tips and tricks that will rank fast and surely increase website traffic.

White Hat SEO Techniques 2017

White Hat SEO Techniques 2018

SEO is the main source of traffic for the most site.If we want to get a high rank, we should consider these white hat SEO techniques while writing our post, creating the website and doing social promotion.

A study by SocialTimes found that the first link in search results gets extra 17 % Clicks.So are you ready to rank fast in search engines?

white hat seo techniques 2017

If yes, Keep on reading ...

By using these best SEO tips you can get more visitors In This post I am sharing everything which SEO Gurus apply for their blog to achieve high quality backlinks and increase website traffic.

At The end of post You will learn:

  1. 51 Secret and best SEO tips to rank fast.
  2. A Keywords Research Techniques used by Gurus.
  3. Google Trust Rank
  4. Basic and Advanced SEO
  5. And Much More

So let's begin...

Search engine optimization is an essential win and wins work if you want to succeed in online blogging. You also need to right tools for blogging with great SEO strategy.

There are 3 types of SEO :-

  1. Black Hat SEO
  2. White Hat SEO
  3. Grey Hat SEO
White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

White Hat SEO vs Black Hat SEO

Best SEO Tips No#1 Before Making your website live, Do Proper Keywords Research -

Most of the people and webmaster think opposite of it. They think that keywords research is the second thing.

But if you want to increase traffic from day 1, you need to do proper keywords research from day 0.

Search and research about your niche. Which will the most important keywords for your business? What do your future readers search? Which is the low competition keywords for your business?

Make a list or excel sheet of your keywords. Then start writing the post focusing on these keywords.

This is the secret of top start-ups.If you want to succeed online, You need to do it before the start.Focus only "Long Tail Keywords" because they are easy to rank and probably they don't have high competition.

You use "KWFINDER' Keywords Research Tool for your keywords research purpose.Read Kwfinder Review for more details.

Here is the best keyword Research Tutorial :-

This is the best SEO tips anyone can provide. But If you are reading this post than there are high possibilities that you have a blog.

So what the next point?

Simple and very simple.

Just use this white hat SEO techniques next time when you write your next post or start your next website.

So move next techniques and I am sure you will never forget it.

White Hat SEO Techniques 2018 No2: Implementation of “rel publisher”

This is my first SEO tips and tricks and a very useful but unknown SEO tips. First, you need to create a Google Plus Page for your website.To create a G+ Page for your website is as easy as 1-2-3.

Here is the quick video to help you understand what is rel+publisher and how to implement it?

What is rel+Publsiher tag

Rel=publisher tag is one such part of the knowledge graph for business websites and top brands. The tag resides in the element of your website. It was provided by Google, to link your website to search to its social media brand page.

How to implement it?

Once you have finished the task of creating G+ Page then add the below part of the code after <head> tag in your website.

(replace “https://plus.google.com/115027100760018374925/posts” with your G+ URL):

<link rel=”publisher” href=“https://plus.google.com/115027100760018374925/posts ”/>

Adding it in the <head> of the website’s source code, you manage to connect your website with your Google Business Page. This would give you an advantage on personalized results.

So when someone “like” your post or page on Google Plus and then perform a similar search query, your relative landing pages will appear in the first results of Google.

Advanced SEO Tips and Tricks No3 Optimized Meta Title and Keywords

Optimize title and meta tag by adding it into HTML section of your website.
Just copy this code just after head of your site
<title>use keywords in title </title>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<meta name="description" content="Put a description and must add keywords ">
<meta name=" put your keywords here" content="HTML,CSS,XML,JavaScript">
<meta name="author" content="Hege Refsnes">

4.Add alt tag into the image.It will help Google blind server to find your image.

5.Follow On Page SEO:-

Use Your focus keywords in meta description,in first line ,last line and in h2 tag. Read this post carefully. I focused " White Hat SEO Techniques 2018 " For this post. Also Add your keywords in your title. This is a must use tricks.

​Here is on Page SEO Tutorial:-

6.Make 5% internal link in a post for faster SEO improvement. If possible use your keywords in anchor text(hyperlink). Wikipedia is the best example of this.

7.Share and re-share your post at social media:-

 Use automation tools like Social Pilot to automatically share your site post to social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Remember - Sharing is caring. And if possible share your post at 7 p.m to 8 p.m because mostly person remains online this time.

8.Make classifieds for your post and submit your articles in the different image submission sites.

It doesn't seem good. But its hidden tricks which most professional SEO like us used in their pro services to get back link by classifieds site like olx and quicker for free.

9. Promote Your site on Question/Answer Websites:-

Use Quara and yahoo answer to get unique visitors to your site.

People love them who help them so simply help people at Quora or Yahoo answer and get rewards.

10. Reduce Bounce Rate of Your site:-

Don't use "click here" or "visit here" type alt text and don't use the duplicate title. Increase your website speed and try to reduce the bounce rate. 

Here is the video tutorial about How to reduce bounce rate:-

11. Submit your sitemap to Google:-

To do this go to Google webmaster tools.​ Here is the video tutorial about how to submit your website in search engines:-

If you want that Google ranks your site "High-Quality Web page" then you shouldn't write these two words

For any help or query just contact us or comments below. We will feel happy to help you because "we believe in sharing the happiness."

So comment your view on white hat SEO techniques which you use in 2018 . 


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