Pro Rank Tracker Review 2018: Most Comprehensive Rank Tracking Solution

Last Update January 21th, 2018 No matter you are a newbie blogger or veteran one . If You are serious about your blog and want to grow your traffic you need to focus on SEO  . But the question is how to track the rank of your focus keyword ?I will guide this in this pro rank tracker review.

This is where we need this tool . It will be very easy once you  you have completed to read this pro rank tracker review .



Video Overview:-

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What is Pro Rank Tracker :

Pro rank tracker is rank tracing tool . Let’s suppose you want to rank for keyword ” pro rank tracker review ”  and you written your awesome post . Once you have finished your post , you need to build links so that you can rank for your desired keyword .

But you also need to track SERP so that you can find that how much are your efforts working ?

pro rank tracker review



Pro Rank Tracker is simple, intuitive and powerful ranking tool. Using Pro Rank Tracker can help you gain the necessary traction that you might have been needed for keyword tracking. There are many tools like rank watch , serpbook ,aherfs , semrush but all of them are very costly comparign to pro rank tracker . Plus Pro Rank Tracker has more features on the table.

In this  pro rank tracker review , you are going to learn :

  1. How to track keyword on daily ,weekly and monthly basis
  2. How to use pro rnak tracke effectvily .
  3. What to do if your ranking suddenly drop .
  4. How to track keywords in local (city / state )
  5. and a lot more.


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Pro rank tracker review : What is special in this tool ?

Features of Pro Rank Tracker :

Pro rank tracker has many feature which makes this tool best tracking tools for blogger.

  1. No installation Need .You need not to download any software . Everything is web(cloud) based.
  2. Cheapest tracking software in the market.
  3. Local Tracking .
  4. You can track your keyword in mobile ,computer and i phone.
  5. Google and YouTube Videos Tracking: The algorithm can also track videos, based on the keyword
  6. Daily reports in your mail box.

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Price :They have  8 version  .First start with free version . In free version you can tracker maximum 20 keywords with 2 url . However I have bronze plan which cost $19/mo  with 300 keywords .review of pro rank tracker


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The Dashboard :

pro rank tracker dashboard

In the left side you will see all available tool while in right side you will see a summery of your all keywords . As you can see in the above image , my serp for 3 terms increase while for 6 it decreased and 9 are unchanged in last 24 hours .

Video Tutorial Of DashBoards:-


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Email Report :


proranktracker review

You will get daily  email with all  details  like rank improvement , rank at last  day ,rank and last week and last month .

Red digit means rank has been decrease ,green means rank improved while black means rank is unchanged .


Note: Pro Rank Tracker also has android mobile application and word-press plugin

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Some Testimonial About Pro Rank Tracker : 

There is no keyword rank tracking service that is more accurate than Pro Rank Tracker. I have used a multitude of similar services & Pro Rank Tracker is by far the very best. It’s feature rich, easy-to-use, and provides my clients with accurate easy to understand ranking reports. Its ability to accurately pick up on Google+ local rankings is amazing. Overall a 10/10 and the customer support is excellent.
SEO Works , SEO Works


ProRankTracker offers exceptional value for money. We’ve used the tool for several years now and it’s an invaluable part of our SEO efforts. If you are in the market for a simple and efficient ranking tool, it is unbeatable.
Martin Harrison , Copify


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Final words :

Pro rank tracker is my  one of favorite tool to track keyword ranking . If you are just starting in blogging I suggest you to sign up for free plan  .This tool will help you to improve your ranking and measure your link building effort . You will also know what is working for you and what is not ?

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Well what is your view on this pro rank tracker review ? Have you any experience with any rank tracking tool? 


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