How I made $3947 without selling anything (and how you can) 2018

Hello Future FREE Money Maker!
Let me ask you a few questions…

  1. Are you struggling to make money online?
  2. Are you tired of buying the latest so-called “get rich schemes” that promise to make you rich, but don’t only cost you more money than you actually make?
  3. Are you an affiliate marketer who is finding it hard to get people to buy the products that you are promoting?

If you answered to any or all of  the above questions, then what you are about to discover is truly something that can change your fortunes!

A Truly Simple Way To Make FREE Money Online…Starting Without Selling Anything!

Today I am going to reveal 4 passive income generators I used to make $1951.46 (and growing daily) in easy passive income without selling anything!

Not only am I going to show you the passive income generators, I am going to show you how you can also make easy money by joining and promoting the same exact programs!

How My Passive Free Profits System Works


Below I am going to….

  1. Reveal the 5 passive income generators.
  2. Show proof that I made money from each and every one of them.
  3. Show you how you can join them and make free passive cash like I am!

It’s the easiest cash you will ever make!

Note: As I reveal them below….I recommend that you join all of them because I am going to also show you how to make money with them when you become a member!

Income Generator #1 – Earned Me $361.50

This is called Free Fantasy League .I am sure you are a die hard fan of cricket or soccer .If this is true why not to win some free money without costing a single penny.

Here is the actual method

  1. Join DREAM11 fantasy .
  2. To get 250 [$4 ] INR for Indian and $19 for non Indian  Bonus  click here .
  3. Verify your mobile number ,email address and PAN Card
  4. Submit your pan card details or bank details for direct transfer.
  5. Make team and join league.
  6. Place free bet by your free $4.0 and win money .
  7. Once you win just withdrawl amount

Income Generator #2 – Earned Me $261.50


This income generator has already earned me an easy $261.50! See proof below…

The name of the free income generator that paid me $261.50 in instant free cash is called “PaidSurvey At Home
Paid Surveys at Home


“Paid Survey At Home” also pays you for taking surveys, .You can make more money by referring your friends too.

Join For Free Here and Start Earning

How To Earn More With Paid-Survey-At-Home?

So if making money searching the web isn’t enough for you, Paid-Survey-At-Home provides the following options to increase your earnings at their site:
1. Trade in old cell phones, video games, and video consoles for swagbucks.
2. Submitting poll ideas!
3. Shopping in their swag mall which links to reputable sites you already use (,, etc)
4. Refer friends, family or complete strangers & earn matching swag bucks for their online search wins!

Here’s what you need to Do…

Click Here To Join Paid-Survey-At-Home For FREE!

After you have Joined , login to your account and just start sharing your opinion. It’s very simple! 

Income Generator #3 – Earned Me $307

The free income generator is called   “Clixsense“. They pay you to click on ads, surfing internet, completing task and referring friends.


Click Here To Join Clixsense For FREE!

Below you will see proof that I really did make $307 in free cash from “Really Simple System”

How to make more money with clixsense-

The fastest way to earn money from Clixsense is by doing tasks and surveys. Never stop referring your account to other people. This will provide you with unlimited leads, referral commissions and a daily source of $100 per day soon!

Income Generator #4 – Earned Me $311.35

This free income generator earned me $311.35  is called Champcash See the proof of earnings below…

Benifit of Champcash

  1. Zero Investment
  2. Work From Home
  3. No hard work
  4. No marketing
  5. Secure payment
  6. 100% Legal
  7. Work anytime like a freelancer
  8. Be your own boss
  9. referral system available upto 7 level.
  10. Upto 7% Cash back of each mobile recharge and other shopping.
  11. Make your team and Be your boss.
  12. Earnings upto 7th level.
  13. Payment in Bank and Paypal
  14. $1 sign up and $0.35 per referral 

Note-Enter 2988272  refer id to get $5 as a sign up bonus

Click Here To Join Champcash For FREE!

Read more about Champcash

Income Generator #5- Earned Me $1071.62

This last passive income generator earned me an easy $1071.62 (and growing)! It’s called Check out the proof of earnings below!

Here is a screenshot of the last payment I received from See below…


What Is is new URL shortening company and It will give you $2 per 1000 views for promoting Shorten URL and the minimum cash out is 5$. If your are not satisfied with payout then you can earn money from referral system It will give you 20% commissions on referrals. is a user-friendly and you can securely get your payment through PayPal and Payoneer. It has a good payout rates and it is a good shortening company for URL shorten.

Beside this have also affiliate programs It gives you great ads format and you can promote on your blog or website. Must check out full review about

signup button

Also Check

So now its your time to make money.

In next 5  minutes you will also learn how  you can make such a huge money from your home .Some of  the general tips I have mentioned above but let me  tell you how you can get maximum result from your efforts .

Lets start

  • First join all programme mentioned above and note down your referral link and sponsor id.
  • Go to and create a new blog.
  • Complete design of your blog and go to create new post.
  • Just copy post this article at your new blog post .
  • If you are already a blogger then make some little changes in title and meta description (and off course in post ) to avoid google penalty .
  • Make sure to replace all referrals link to your referral link.
  • Start driving traffic to your new post.
  • Suppose If you drive daily unique 1000 visitors then about half will join at least one programmes and they will also repeat this process.
  • so you will also make profit from your downline sales .
  • If you want a premium domain name with self hosting then you need bluehost service they offer free domain to seofreetips reader.
  • You can get your .com domain name from here.

Following resource will help you to get huge traffic.

Wrap Up…..

There is a chance that you will not get huge success at starting but If you continue to work ,You will get a handsome income after some days  .So lets start smart working and tell me your progress in comments and If you need any help ,Feel free to contact me or just comments below .


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