How To Increase Domain Authority Fast :19 Best Ways 2018

How to increase domain authority fast in less time ? Is it possible ?

I say Yes it is .

how to increase domain authority

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There are above 200 ranking factors to rank ,But domain authority is one of most important factor to improve your search engine ranking .

So the question come to in our mind ” How to increase domain authority fast and in easy way ?”

As we all know Domain Authority is an emerging key factor in SEO. In future & now domain authority has a significant role in SERP(Google, Yahoo/BING). It will also  help you to increase website traffic .

In this short post I will share 9 most effective ways to improve our website DA score .

In this post  You will learn :

  1. What is DA
  2. Importance Of High DA Score
  3. Facts which effects Domain Authority
  4. What is a good domain authority score
  5. How to really improve your DA score fast ?

Ready to learn ….?

O.K Lets Start :

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What is domain authority ?

Domain Authority is a grade or score (ranging from 1-100) developed by Moz that estimates how well a website will rank on Google and other search engines. A new domain has DA of 1 .

You may noticed that sometimes some post rank higher without having too many backlinks . The reason is  DA . A Domain authority blog  is likely to rank higher in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).



Importance of High Domain Authority :-

A site with high DA score rank quickly . If your blog has high DA than you can sell it easily on higher price .


How to check domain authority in bulk :-

To check your website domain authority you can go to opensiteexplorer and enter your own domain name .

If you want to check DA in bulk , you need to go free tools seoweather and enter all the  domains : –

how to check domain authority in bulk

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Now you know your DA score  but the next question which asked oftenly in forums is ” what is a good domain authority score?”

Answer is :-

“It may depend on your niche .However a DA score of 20 is good . A DA score of 40 is very good and anything over 60+ is excellent .”


So let’s move to main part of this post :-

How to Increase Domain authority ?

There are several method but I will share only 9 tested and most effective method to improve your DA score .



1.Domain Age : – This is number and most important factor which affect domain authority  . The more old your site, you will get better DA score .

This is the reason why every new domain has DA Score 1 and old site like Google ,Microsoft ,tumblr etc has DA score of 100.

2.Domain History : If in the past your domain used for spamming (or have spam links ) than DA score will be low .So make sure if you buy new domain check that history via waybackmachine .

Here is SEOFREETIPS looks at starting [Full Screenshot here ]:-



3.Get Rid of Bad Link:-. Bad link will decrease your domain authority as well as your ranking .There is no benefit to getting links from the post which has high OBL( Outbound link) .

You should try to get backlinks from a page which has under 100 OBL  .

Never and ever do spam link building .It will not improve your SEO.

To know from which domain you are getting links ,simply go to your webmaster tool .

If you find any bad backlinks just disavow all of them .

Getting rid from these toxic and spammy links is as important as getting high authority backlinks You should never share adult content on your site .



4.Drive tons of social shares :I have mentioned it many times that social signals are the new backlinks .

But there are a loophole .I have tested that “Fake social signals are as effective as real .”

I have shared a list of best social media exchange sites where you can get quality social signals for free .

If you can spend some penny ,I suggest for mass planner .[Read Mass Planner Review for details ]

  1. You can also buy about 2300 social signals in $3 from social signals
  2. Register at viralcontentbuzz which is free and get quality social shares for your post.


Suggested Reading :



5.Time spent on your site:-

How users find your site, how many pages they visits and the time they spend on your site are considered while giving domain authority.More times ,more page views and more traffic will give you more DA score .



6.Write in a selected niche If you want to increase your DA fast ,you need to focus on selected niche . You should only publish great content only in your field .In other word don’t confuse your readers . It will also help you to rank fast in Google  . Micro niche sites are the best example of this .



7.Make site load fast: 

A study shows that most of the visitors wait under 7 sec to load a page .If you page can’t load before that time you are losing traffic. A fast load site will increase user experience .

And Yes UX (user experience ) is a main factor to increase your DA .

Here is an infographics from Kissmetrics  which reveals deeper info about loading time:

loading time


How to make your site load fast :

1.Delete useless plugin .

2.Download Wp-smush ,Wpsweep and w3 total cache plugin to make your site fast .



8. Crawl-ability and Broken link:-

Frequent crawl errors are really bad and reduces domain authority.If your site has any broken link then fix it as soon as possible .


How to easily find broken links on your site:

1.Log in search console than crawl error than you will see a list of dead URL in your site.

crawl error

2.You can install broken link extension and run that extension at each of your post .Once you find delete/exchange all dead URL.


9. Build quality  backlinks from different domains and IPS:


This is the most important thing you should to improve your domain authority . I have shared many article related to this in past . Here are some :-



Once you build backlinks for your blog ,make sure you know how to index backlinks   because “a non indexed ” backlink is no backlink .


Moz consider these backlinks factors when grading DA score :-

  1. Quality of backlinks.:Build Backlinks from high DA Score
  2. Relevancy of backlinks.: Get backlinks from the site which is in your niche .
  3. Genuine or not :- Build editorial backlinks like guest post
  4. How many nofollow & dofollow links.:More dofollow ,better DA


10.Write better ,high quality and long quality article :

It’s good for SEO and also help to increase your domain authority . So next time whenever you write post , try to make it longer than 2000 words.

Fine Under : How to increase domain authority

File Under : How to increase domain authority


Try to write for user first then for Google .If your user loved your content than Google will also loved your site.

Never copied other article .You can not improve your search ranking as well as your DA score if you write copy/pasted or crapped article .

Just a reminder “Content is always king.”

Domain authority is all about trust ( or like trust flow of majestic ) . If solve your reader problem than they will trust your site  and Google will reward you .And your DA score will improve easily .

In short if you are not writing quality content than none of the tricks which mentioned in this post will work for you . 


11.Try to keep your permalink short : It s part of technical SEO . A short permalink or url will help Google to index your post fast .


12.Use LSI keywords instead or repeating same words again and again.

It will also improve your search engine visibileties and increase your domain authority at same time .





13. Try to avoid link diluters:

Link dilution is the term used when we place tons of links on the same page. It is the linking of pages which are not required or useless links.Try to keep links under 100 at your each page .



14. Update frequently or post fresh article :- Google loved it  , your reader loved it . It will help to increase your DA score very fast  .Frequently updating site will have more domain authority.

Generally You should try to post article once  a week .Never make your site dead .



15. Internal link :- Interlinking is one of the most important factor ranking . Try to interlink your old post from new  and vice-versa .While writing each article link other related articles of your site with relevant keywords, which gives more readership and domain authority.



16. Get Backlnks from Edu and Gov sites: These are most authoritative sites on the planet .A backlinks from gov or edu site is equal to 10 links from gernall sites .

There are many ways to getting edu and gov backlinks for your blog. Here is one article which I shared in past .

251+ Free edu and gov sites list to get backlinks


17. 100% Uptime:- Server which always serving increases traffic as well as domain authority


18.Malware:- If malware found on server domain authority will be decreased dramatically

19.Redirection:- Try to avoid unnecessary redirects within your site or others.This is the best tips I can give you on how to increase domain authority without wasting too much time .

Crawl errors and malwares can be found in Google Webmaster tools. To Check and improve site speed Google Insights will be helpful.


Last words :-

To Increase domain authority you need to work on regular basis with plan . It takes time but if you follow the above advice  than there is no doubt that your blog DA score will improve faster .

If you have anything to ask feel free to share your thoughts in comments section . In the last just answer the  same question :-

How to increase domain authority fast and without wasting too much time ?What is your personal advice on it?



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