How To Make Money Online Fast in 2018: 13 Secret Ways

What is the fastest way of earning cash on Internet  ? How to make money online fast and free in 2018 ?


No matter how many times you try to find answer of above question ? But most  of the time you failed to get the right one.

The reason is very simple because many publishers tells that blogging is the fastest way to make money online .

But I clear that blogging is the slowest way of making money . blogging needs a lot of hard work ,knowledge and patience .

But what will you do when you do not have so much time to earn cash online  ?

Well like you there are many person which want to make fast cash .

If you are one of them then you will find an ultimate solution in this post . In this article I will share most easiest and fastest way to making dollars online .

In short you will learn following :

  1. How to make money in fastest way .
  2. Making money from PLR Product
  3. Making money from Facebook .
  4. How to earn cash in your spare time .
  5. And a lot of..

Just keep on reading …

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Video tutorial:-



1.Selling PLR article/eBooks/Software: PLR means Private Lable Rights . Nowadays selling plr product is the fastest method to make money online . You need to buy a plr product in your niche than you can sell it at higher rate .


Private Label Rights or PLR is a product that basically someone else creates from scratch, and sells you the rights to modify it and call it your own. PLR gives you the opportunity to create a unique product without having to come up with it yourself.

You can get a Free Membership to PLR365 Here.

For example “Smart Affilaite Course ” is a PLR Ebook .I have bought it  at $5.0 from PLR365   and I have sold 100X copy of it at $2.0/each .

So I have earned around $195 by spending only $5 .You can also buy PLR software and can sell under your brand . There are no restriction .

Here is complete video tutorial :

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2.Play Fasntasy sport like cricket :

If you have  a little bit knowledge of cricket or soccer than you can earn money with fantasy sport . Like below is screenshot of my dream11 account .I have won about $400 from dream11.

fastest method to make money online

This is the best money making tricks for Indian .Many cricket matches are running on the way and I am sure you know all the basic of cricket.You just need to pick/select your cricket team daily and you will reward with cash and other gift each day. It wont take your any money.

So just create a free fantasy cricket league account and you will get 250 balance after verifying your account.

Join fantasy cricket League for free.

Lets take a look how to make money from dream11 –

Steps No#1 Go to

how to make money from dream11

#2. Choose your country and favorite sport .For me I have selected Cricket.

3.Sign up with Facebook,Google+ or email id.

dream11 money making step by step

3. Verify your email ,your mobile number and pancard to get 250 inr or $10 Bonus.

4. Create your team and then join league .

That’s all .If you win ,If you will get money in your bank account .

Note- You need to join by affiliate link if you want 250 INR /$10 bonus.

Join Dream11 to get your bonus.

3.Sell Old stuff –

There are many thing around us which we don’t required now .

Looks around at your home. Have you find anything which is no more required for you or for your family but Other person can benefit by having it like old books, furniture, old cell phone etc. Just take a picture and sell it at olx or quicker and make money online from now.

4.Stock and Forex Trading

– If you know the basic and advanced tricks to get more profit in this field, you may open your shop at Facebook and earn more than 15000 per months easily.

5.Bitcoins :   Bitcoins is the digital currency these days.   A lots of people are making millions of dollars from bitcoin trading . Check this pics that how much price of bitcoins has been changed in past  years : bitcoins fact

You can easily think that if you you had only 1 bitcoin before 2 years than you will be   billionaire now . Here is one more video to help  you :

6.. Making Money From Facebook : 

If you can chat .comments and like at facebook than you can also make cash at Facebook . Here is full guide how you can earn some easy cash from facebook  :

Here is video tutorial :-

7.Make money by selling photo : 

Very simple just shoot some awesome photo and sell them at sutterstock . You will earn money for each photo that got sell .

8.Spencer Ads : Yes, if your blog are popular for a certain topics you can offer banner ads to advertiser .You can also text ads like this one :


You will get pay up to $15/mo. just by showing a single text ads .For banner ads price may go higher.

9.Selling link form your blog : Many bloggers do this and you can too .The basic requirement for this type business that your blog should have high PR ,Trust flow and some good backlinks pointing to your blog .

Once your blog has these properties , you can advertise at seoclerks or fiverr .

Simple you can earn minimum $1 to even $100  for one links.

10.Making Partner in Your hosting and other membership : Let’s suppos you have bought bluehost unlimited hosting like me .
Than you can also make money from that .

Here is how :

  • Contact other fellow bloggers who need hosting at cheap rate .
  • Host their website in your plan and charge them .
  • It’s very simple if you try you can make money with that .

Second thing Let’s suppose you have bought membership of any program  than you can share it with blogger friend and make money . You can do it with paid course too.

If you have bought a paid course at $4.0 than you can resell that at $1 but remember share this only your close friends else you may caught in problem .

11.Sell Free software/apps to your friends : There are many apps which are very useful but not available at playstore . A great example of this type app is “WhatsDog” Which can track whatsapp log of your friends .

This app is not availble at playstore but it is very useful and if you try to sell it (only with your close friends ) you can still make money .

There are many ethical hacking apps which  have high demand but not available at playstore .

12.Making Website For Local Business : There are many small shops/business who want to have website for their business but most of them don’t have technical knowledge .

Your work is to call local business owner and pitch your service . You can charge $20/$50 for single website and believe me  you will get many orders if you tried . You can also offer them Facebook page .

13. Write for other : There are many website who pays high rate for an article like and listverse . Try to write a well written ,detailed  article for them and make money .
I have also made $15 for one article in past . I have written for and they pay me $15 for Gmail Hacking Article .

Final Words : 

Making money is never easy in online world .But if you follow the right concept and focus on it no-one can stop you to become a successful internet marketer . You need to take action and carry on until  you achieve the success.

Now its your turn that which path you select for you .  Starting making money from right now and show the world who you are .Share your view on How to make money online fast and free in 2018 ?



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