How to Make a Successful Blog in 2018 to Make Money Step by Step Beginner Guide

Ever wonder how people make a successful blog  ? What techniques are they using to making money from their blog  ? 

How they are able to generate traffic on free of cost . In this tutorial I will guide form scratch to expert label that how to start a successful blog step by step and make money .

how to make a successful blog

If you are planning to start a successful blog to making money through internet than here is some good news. 

First you can earn money online. Second you can make an awesome blog .Third you can success in blogging. In this tutorials /guide you are going to learn every basic to advance tips /tricks /techniques to make a successful blog.

Second you can make an awesome blog .Third you can success in blogging. In this tutorials /guide you are going to learn every basic to advance tips /tricks /techniques to make a successful blog.

Third you can success in blogging. In this tutorials /guide you are going to learn every basic to advance tips /tricks /techniques to make a successful blog.

In this guide we are covering:

  1. How to select the best niche for you?
  2. How to get cheap/free domain and hosting?
  3. How to setup an awesome blog with some basic design tips?
  4. Keyword Research: Easy and beginner friendly tutorial
  5. How to write a good length post in less time?
  6. Should you write a 2000 blog post or not?
  7. Which social media account you should create and which one is best for your niche?
  8. Where to find cheap and expert people to work for you? [If you are setting up a business blog]
  9. Building your network with other bloggers in a friendly manner.
  10. Daily 10 minutes SEO task.
  11. Getting traffic to your blog.
  12. How to make money from day 1.
  13. Do’s and Don’ts in blogging .
  14. Some must have blogging tools/software to be the success.
  15. And a lot more…


So if your goal is to be next successful blogger than read this full post .It will take about 15 minutes but I bet you will get full return of your time. So go slowly and take notes of every point.


How to start a successful blog?

Just keep on reading ….


Use This Info-graphics in Your blog [Just copy/paste below code ] :

Why you should start a blog:

If you are not sure whether you start or not then you should keep these points in your mind.

  1. Blogging makes you money.
  2. It will give you a name.
  3. You will improve your knowledge.
  4. Your blog can help a lot of people.



So here is step by step guide:

  1. Selecting Niche:


The first thing to start a blog is that which niche /field should I select? While selecting a niche you should mainly focus 2 things:

  1. Your interests 2. The popularity of those niches.

To find your interest is not a hard work. Just ask yourself which the work you like most.Which type of works can you do without tiring? Etc. . . .

Second, your interest is not everything in Internet marketing. You should also check the niche you select is popular of not?

If you are writing on a subject which no one cares and search than you are wasting your time.


Another main factor which you should consider that you should not select a niche which has a lot of competition like money making,seo , internet marketing etc.


If you are not confirmed about your niche then you need not worry or confuse.Just read on you will get a solution.

Currently, these are the most popular niches:

  1. Money making: Don’t select this.
  2. SEO: You need a lot of money to success in this.
  3. Health: Too much competition
  4. Fashion: Good, you can start
  5. Photography: Good, you can select this.
  6. News has competition.
  7. Hacking: less commotion but need high technical knowledge.


Here is also some steps to find popular niches you can start:

  1. Just go to udemy and check which the most popular course is.
  2. Go to amazon best seller and find out the hottest books.
  3. Go to quora and find out most viral and asked question.


If a niche is hot then there will be enough course, books, and question about that. Once you find your subject than our next steps to buying a domain for our website.

You can also find niche using Google Trends.Here is a video how to find you niche using Google trends:



  1. Picking right domain:

If you don’t pick a right domain then you may face problem later. Purchase a short .com ,.net or .org domain . To buy a domain go to bigrock, enter your desired domain, select one which you like, check out and you have got a domain.

Here are some tips to choosing a perfect domain:

  1. Always Buy a short domain.
  2. Add  one keyword in your domain like
  3. Though domain extension does not affect SEO but its advice that you buy .net,.com or .org domain.
  4. If you are making a site for your local business then always buy country label domain like .in, etc


  1. Picking hosting:   There are two main reasons to buy a hosting: 1.If you are planning a long-term business and 2. If you don’t want that your site goes down.So picking a good hosting is also a main part of blogging.

First, if you have a low budget then you use blogger to make a website 


But if you are serious about blogging then you should choose a paid hosting.For my all site I select bluehost and recommend same.

Bluehost also provide free .com domain with their hosting.They charge $3.95/mo .

Here is the step by step process to buying a hosting and setting up WordPress:

  • Go to
  • Select your hosting plan [ Just go with the lowest  plan ]
  • bluehostsetpupEnter your domain which you want.
  • Select your domaindomain setup
  • Remove any addition service.
  • Complete Checkout using a credit card or PayPal.setting up blog
  • Go to dashboard.
  • Click on “one-click WordPress install”.
  • bluehostsetup8

WordPress will install and your site will be live.


  1. Setting up a blog:

To setting up your WordPress blog just enter this URL

  • And you need to log in again.
  • Once you log in , you will dashboard like this.
  • Go to site appearance from the side bar.wordpress dashboard
  • And select the theme you want.
  • Remove unnecessary widget like Meta , hello post etc.
  • Install the necessary plugin like Akismet ,jetpack , sumo me , yoast WordPress plugin . tiny mce .
  1. Basic design tips :  A design may affect user experience and use experience is big and main Google ranking factor in 2018. There are some basic design tips which you must follow:
  • Don’t install unnecessary plugin .
  • Background color should be white and text color should be black .Don’t choose fancy color  .
  • Images should be compress .
  • must use favicon and a logo .
  • Don’t use unnecessary java effect .
  • Must your breadcrumb navigation.


  1. Doing some keyword research : keywords research is a basic seo tips .But If you are just starting and don’t have any knowledge about seo and keywords research than I suggest neglecting it. Though it is MUST to do work but you can skip this on first step . Once you have written some post and some time than learn about keywords research .

Some basic tips for keyword research  :

  • Only select low competition keywords.
  • Use long tail keywords like ” how to start a successful blog ” , ” how to make money online for free” etc. .
  • You can use kwfinder tools for keywords research
  • Only focus 1 to 4 keywords in a post .
  1. Writing content : Your keyword should be minimum 300 words long with at least 1 image . If you are advance blogger than you can write long keywords up to 2000 words as I always write .

Everyone suggest 2000 long keywords because in search engine 2000 words post has priority.

To writing a content ,first choose your title ,then do some keywords research ,surf those keywords in Google and try to write a better article from all of them writer .

For example if you are going to write a post like ” How to cook biryani” then search this in Google.We will get this results. We can see that these top ten posts have more than 2000 words .

how to cook biryani

Write a better length post form all of them .You can also add videos from YouTube into your post .


  1. launching blog :

Now it’s time to show your blog to worlds. Before launching make sure you have written at least 4 posts on your blog and your site is fully set up. Your post may be in this order :

  1. A How to guide
  2. A list post like 11 tips to success in blogging etc. .
  3. A review post which will make money for you .
  4. A simple case study or story telling post like how I made $1947 in last month [ These types of post will give some authority and people will trust you . ] For story telling you can write post like this “ Case Study: How One Veteran’s Podcast Built a Million-Dollar Business
    ” etc. .


  1. Social media account creation : You need not to promote your blog/post on each social media but you need to create an account on all of them so it will help you to boost rank and authority . Make sure your account name should be your website name and url should contain website name .

You can claim your site on following social media websites:

1.Facebook 2.Twitter 3.Google+ 4.Pintrest 5.Tumbler 6. Linkedin 7. Instagram

Just create your account on these sites and full your profile .


  1. Monetize strategy: You will not be last long in blogging unless you will not try to monetize your blog from day 1. If your plan is AdSense than it will take about 30 days to 6 month for approve your account .

At this time you can try amazon affiliate , pop ads , leads leap widget shortst url shortner to make some money . You can also use affiliate ,leads leap widget ,shortst with AdSense .

Note : If popads sign up page is not opening in your pc ,make sure you have turned off you ‘ads blocker ” extension . For more information about these ads network read popads review and leadsleap review .

  1. Getting leads : If you are not collecting emails of your visitors than you are leaving money on the table. There are a lot of benefits of email marketing . To start collecting leads you need to sign up with at least one service like aweber .
    • To getting started just visit
    • Sign up for 30 days free trail.
    • Make a list and enter other details .
    • Create a form .
    • Create a blog broadcast so whenever you write a new post ,all subscribers will get notified .


  • Set up forms at your blog .
  • Now it’s done .


Some basic tips to getting more subscribers in short time :

  1. give away a free product .
  2. Use pop ups .
  3. Use interesting content. [ Interesting content has more value than high quality content ]


  1. Social media automation : Automation is the key of success in blogging .Automation saves our time and boost traffic .

For my sites I use 1. Mass planner  For full social media account growth on auto pilot 

  1. Only wire for auto social bookmarking 
  2. Buffer for posting at my fb pages .


Just set up your setting and saves your time.


  1. Getting traffic from other source :

I have written a long post on traffic generation like 101 ways to getting huge traffic etc . But here I describe some basic tips to boosting traffic like :

  1. Create a YouTube video once a week.
  2. Do email marketing .
  3. Do social media automation .
  4. Comment on other relative blogs
  5. Do social bookmarking .

I have created a full course on traffic names ” Real Traffic Monsoon ” in which I have reveals how a newbie blogger can drive 5000 visitors a day without paid ads and seo .


  1. Building network :

This is another big factor .You need to make friends and relationship from your niche . You can use forums to build a solid network.


  1. Link Building : Link building is another main basic seo technique which you must use .To make backlinks you can submit your site in social book marking sites. You should use Onlywire to auto submit your site . Here are some another guide on link building :


Note : Make sure you know how to index backlinks In Google else these backlinks will not improve your search engine ranking .


Some habits of successful bloggers: To be a successful blogger you need to follow some rules :

  1. Always comments on sites whenever you read a new post .It means you should also comments on this article .
  2. Make a good time management system.
  3. Never give up .
  4. Always use blogging tools .
  5. Try to build good relationship with other fellow bloggers.


Mistake to avoid :

  1. Never do spamming
  2. Don’t waste your time to searching money making methods on internet .Making money online starts from you.
  3. You are not good in each work so try to outsource your work form fiverr, seoclerks etc .


Now it’s your turn :


If you want to be a successful blogger you need to take action . REMEMBER without taking actin no task will be completed . Making money from website is not a big task neither a difficult work .

Just Take action ,make huge money and show the world that you are ?


What is strategy and step by step by plan to creating a successful blog ? Share your thoughts in comments ? What is your view on this guide about how to start a successful blog ?


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