How to Do Keyword Research For Free and find long tail keywords 2018

Keyword research is the most important work in Internet Marketing .There is no benefit if you write a post without focusing a low competition ,high search volume long tail  keyword . In this short post I will guide that how to do keyword research for free and find low hanging fruits aka low tail keywords .

best free keyword research tool 2017

The best part of this process that it is totally free .Nothing to spend . I will not share a single affiliate link in this post . Keyword research is the key of success for every micro niche sites .

So here is what you are going to learn :


  1. What is the best Free long tail keyword research tool (FREE means totally free)
  2. How to do keyword research for free without wasting your time .
  3. You need not to sign up for anything .
  4. You will get all data like monthly search volume , keyword difficulty and CPC.
  5. And many more things ..

So here we go :

We will use only 2 website  for this process .

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To give you example I am going  to find long tail keywords for  this post .

Step #1 : – Go to



Step #2 : Enter Your seed keyword .For my this post ” FREE Keyword Research ” is seed keyword.

how to keyword research for free


Step#3 : You will see a huge list of many long tail keywords . Just click on “add all ” button and all keywords will also show in another sheet like below  picture .

free long tail keyword research tool

Just copy all keywords .

Now we have a huge list of long tail keywords . But our main work is to find monthly search volume , CPC and competition .We will use another for this purpose .


Step#5 : Go to keywordeverywhere   and install their chrome or firefox extension/addon as per your browser.



Step #6:Activate extension and go here 

free keyword research


Step #6: Paste all of your keywords .


Step #7 : You will get all data of each keyword for free. You can also download the list as csv ,excel or pdf file .

best keyword research method


I have figured 2 keywords for you with low competition


Step #8 Just figured out best keywords for your post . For me I found two long tail keywords with low competition .

1. How to Do Keyword Research For Free Volume 70 and Competition 0.23

2. free long tail keyword research tool Volume 30/mo and Competition just 0.28 ( Which is equal to 28 of long tail pro )

This is the easiest and totally free way to  do keyword research .If you are newbie and can’t afford keyword research tool like long tail pro , semrush etc than this method is best for you .


P.S I don’t like long tail pro and semrush  because long tail pro tool can’t provide the right keyword and semrush data is totally inaccurate . And yes! both of them are very costly .

Nowadays I use kwfinder which works best for me .Even with free account you can research 5 keywords /day which is enough for most of the blogger .



Final Words : Don’t ignore this process if you want to rank and bank . In my opinion this method is the best because it is totally ,less time-consuming and you will find all hidden keywords aka Goldmine .


How will you do keyword research in 2018 ? How will you rate this post ” How to do keyword research for free ?”


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