How To Become a Professional Blogger when You are Newbie 2018

The one of thing I never shared is how to become a professional blogger when you are just starting . But in the post I will share all the tips and secret hack which will make you an expert blogger in your niche .

Being pro blogger or a successful blogger will take time .But If you can do some little bit tweak in your blog ( and in yourself too) than you  may be like a professional blogger even if you are newbie .And yes  ,This is super easy .


Last day I have read a post on wikihow  “How to look rich when you are poor”  and an idea came into my mind that why not to write a post about How to become  a professional  blogger when you are just starting in blogging ?

In this short post ,You will learn :

  1. How to become a professional blogger without investing money .
  2. How to looks a pro blogger even If you don’t have enough knowledge about blogging .
  3. How to become a professional blogger and get paid
  4. And a lot of things ….


Just continue reading …

So here are the ideas which will make you a professional blogger + help you to make money from blogging  :

1.Sell PLR products under your belt  :

A PLR product means “Private Lable Rights” .It means that you can buy it and rebrand it under your name . If you are new in blogging and haven’t created any course than it’s time to buy a very cheap PLR products and sell it on higher price  .

You can also make fast money with it  .If you done it rightly  .One thing is sure that it will increase your authority .

At the start of my blogging journey I have bought “Smart Affiliate Course” and rebranded .(and I am getting sell till now) .You can also do the same

Smart Affiliate Course


All of three products in above image are PLR ebook.


2.Use paid theme on your blog: WordPress comes with default theme which is free .If you want to look like a pro blogger you need to use a theme which is unique,fast ,good looking and SEO friendly .I used focus-blog theme .

I advised you to buy a  beautiful and fast theme for your blog .


3.Write about latest (and unknown ) tools on your blog : Everyone knows about Google keywords planner ,Long tail pro and semrush as Keyword research tool .But very few knows about kwfinder  and keywords reveler .

When you introduce some one about new tools than you become no#1 resource of knowledge for them .They trust you .

So  make sure next time when you write about any tools for bloggers .write about latest and newest tools.


4.Give free ebooks,course and plugins : Everyone loves the word “FREE” (including me) .You can give away free stuff like ebooks ,plugins and software .It will increase your authority and you will gain your readers .

At seofreetips we also give many free books like “3 Steps to newbie success “, “$100/Day with your mobile ” and “SEO Full Guide “

money making pdf book


5. Create an expert round up post  : Every professional blogger takes part in round up post . If you searched round up post at twitter or facebook  ,you will find many  Your work is to find expert in your niche which is not hard  and send them an email invitation .

Here is a complete guide from smartblogger :

The Ultimate Guide to Creating an Expert Roundup Post That Gets 1000s of Shares

6.Build many contacts at LinkedIn and Be active there : LinkedIn is a social network for professional . If your dream is to become pro blogger than go to linked-in and make connections there.

Grow your LinkedIn profile . Moz shared one of best guide :

LinkedIn Best Practices – The Free Beginner’s Guide from Moz

7.Use custom email instead of free mail :It is very simple .Instead of using ,you should use

People will understand you a newbie if you reply from free gmail account . Bluehost gives free custom email with hosting plan and even if you don’t have any custom mail You can buy it from bigrock.


8.Make relationship : Build relationship will help you to attract more attention to your blog .Social Media Examiner shared a post about it that how to build relationship with fellow bloggers:


9.Don’t make Grammar mistake on your blog : If you are writing in English ,Make sure you are not making any vocabulary or verb mistake on your blog .A small mistakes in word can change the sense of tense . You can use grammarly to improve your grammar or hello English to improve your English .

Get  7 Days Free Grammarly Trial 

P.S : I know I have made many mistakes on this blog in grammar .


11.Add professional logo and favicon : Favicon and logo are the another way to look professional . You should create a logo and favicon for each of your website .  You don’t have time and don’t know how to create awesom logo .Go to seoclerks and order one .

free logo


12.Write on limited subject not at everything you know : It’s always bad to write everything you know . I have seen many bloggers whose blog related to internet marketing but they also write for ethical hacking , life hacking , mobile-windows-android etc . You should have a clear vision that what is your blog about ?

In short “Don’t confuse your reader . “


Other Blogging Resource Which You will like :

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How To Become a Successful Bloggers and Make Money Online Step by Step  in 15 Easy Ways 

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Post to Rank and Bank 


13.Link popular and authority blogs on your each post :It will benefit you and your readers . Many bloggers afraid to link our other popular blogger in their post . But believe me it will also give  you a slight boost in your ranking .

If you read any high authority  blog you will notice they link to other bloggers in their post .Here is one example from Neil Patel :-

on page soe for blog post


14.Fake it till you make it .:

This is my best advice I can give anyone .If you want to learn how to become a professional blogger in your field  ,you need to apply this rule .

Fake it till you make it.

Source :

In simple words show the social proofs (or fake social proofs)  .You can buy facebook likes and twitter followers to look like a big brand .  Don’t believe me ,Just read Viperchill words about it (Which he share in his $1000 Facebook Guide ) :-

“To be very blunt: I very much believe in buying Likes for Facebook fan pages. While the organic reach of pages has obviously decreased over the last few years (due increased competition for eyeballs and a desire from Facebook for more money), you still get reach.”

I also buy fans and followers from seoclerks (Because they are more cheap than fiverr) . My Facebook page is just 9 months old yet I have 133K+ fans


Yes 98% fans are bought + made by some black hat techniques which I share in How  to make money on Facebook post .And  a little contribution by mass planner (If you don’t know anything about this software ,read mass planner review )


15.Increase your Alexa rank low : Lower the alexa rank ,higher the trust rank . Low alexa rank will also help you in affiliate marketing .

I have shared a detailed guide on it  . If you don’t want to read that guide ,than just go to alexa master and buy alexa traffic or do free exchange there .


Final Words: 

How are you feeling now ? A newbie or a pro ? I am sure that your all query related to how to become a professional blogger have been solved .If you still think there is (or are) something which I can add here ,feel free to share your suggestion .

Please Share your thoughts in comments .


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