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Hey, Now you have a chance to write for us.


If you have any interest .special command or knowledge in Wordpress, SEO, Link-Building, Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Traffic Boosting Tips, blogging etc then You are most welcome to write for us.


Why Write For Us:-

  1. You will get 2 back-links from each post. First backlinks will be contextual means you will get links within your post. It will be do follow and you can link any related post of your blog.
  2. The second link will from your author bio. It will be a point to your twitter profile.
  3. We get daily 1000 1500/visitors(+Growing). So you will increase your rank, traffic, and SEO.
  4. We share each article at all our social media profiles including Facebook (133k+ Fans), Twitter(14k+ followers) plus in our email list.


Which Type of Article We Want:-

  1. Anything related to SEO, link building or Internet marketing.




Quality Of Article:-

We want these qualities in your article to be published here:-

    1. Minimum length 1000 words.
    2. The article should be original.We will check via our software.
    3. The article should be only in English.
    4. The article should not be spun and written by hand only.
    5. The author must have deep knowledge in Internet Marketing.


Please keep these points in mind while writing for us:-

  1. You must use images in your article.All images should be original. If you are copying from anywhere giving credit to them.The screenshot is highly appreciated.
  2. The article should be easy to digest. It means that you should use bullet point, heading and the short paragraph.
  3. 30 Word short and interesting introduction that force reader to read more.
  4.  Embed Related Infographics from Pinterest or from any other source. Remember to give proper credit.
  5. 2 other images, 5 Screenshot. Use Nimbus screenshot taker extension. (Screenshot means screenshot. NO Google or stock images.
  6. 1 Related Youtube Video( You can use video from popular marketing channel like Moz whiteboard Friday, Neil Patel, Brian dean etc. Please watch the video first before embedding it.
  7. Don’t embed video which is longer than 10 minute.
  8. Embed at least 1 videos from my own channel. Here is the link

    Insert at least 4 inbound links. (link to my own blog) First Interlink should be in the first/second paragraph.

  10. Insert at least 5 authority website links. (links to other blogs, Make sure the blog post quality is high enough.) (All links should be dofollow and should open in new tab.). Also Link to researched document, article like this
  11. In last line, Ask question to reader  and must add focus keyword in this line.
  12. Make Proper formatting. Add h1,h2 tag, bullet list where necessary.


Please Note:- Once we publish here, you don’t have right to publish it anywhere. Even at your blog.But you can link back if you want.



How to Send Your Article:-

One you completed your article, save it in a html file ( or use google doc) and send it to

We will reply you as we get your mail that we have received your article than our team will review it .

If we find it useful for our reader, we will send you another email with confirmation.

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