How to Get Traffic to Your New Website Fast and Free 2018

Get traffic to your new website in fast and free way, Step by step guide will help you to grow your website traffic in simple technique

As soon as you are ready with your brand new blog with top notch content and well-researched insights for your readers, many find it’s challenging to bring the traffic to brand new blog.

Get Traffic to Your New Blog

Get Traffic to Your New Blog

Since search e engines are extremely dependent on various metrics in ranking a post, it may not be a wise to rely entirely on organic traffic and paid promotion to get traffic to your blog. So what should you do?

get traffic to your new website blog

How to Get Traffic to Your New Website Blog

Glad that you are willing to know!

In this post, we will guide you on how you can achieve to get traffic to your brand new blog without spending a penny!

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How to Get Traffic to Your New Website 2018:

Let's dive in and explore the ways of utilizing methods to get that targeted traffic to your blog:

Learn to be a part of the community:

You can't gain exposure all by yourself doing anything. You really have to come out of your comfort zone and involve in various activities in the blogosphere. What are the ways of engaging in the blogging community?

Get Traffic to Your New Website

Get Traffic to Your New Website

1. Making relevant comments and going through bloggers posts:

This is going to help a lot. When you comment or appreciate your thoughts on other bloggers post, it's obvious that they would be delighted to know who you are and what you blog about.


This helps to build a better relationship and means of communication and assist them to know you and your blog better.

2. Help beginners and encourage them with tactics:

Most of us feel kind of cliché to help someone with difficulties in blogging and who need proper guidance. Mind it that if you teach someone, you are going to learn that twice!

Get Traffic to Your New Website

Website Traffic

If you help someone today without expecting anything in return, it isn’t odd that they may appreciate your efforts to help them and promote your blog as much as possible.

3. Share your knowledge and case studies:

Knowledge should be shared no matter what, always involve in Facebook group conversations and provide free case studies.

Make yourself a brand in the community by giving access to your knowledge, and it will be appreciated sooner or later and get traffic to your new Website.

4. Be a friend and help them grow.

Lower your ego and increase your number of friends in blogging community, once you identify yourself as a brand and reliable source of information you provide, your friends will link back to you as a courtesy and what more you expect?

Concentrate on quality rather than quantity:

This ought to be a fundamental principle in blogging. Nobody actually sees how many posts your blog has. Instead, they look for a post which is capable of solving their everyday problem and provide some solution, get traffic to your new Website

How to Increase Website Traffic Through Google

How to Increase Website Traffic Through Google

1. Go with quality any day of the week which can solve practical obstacles:

Make sure that your posts are clearly approached towards solving the problems your readers are expecting you to work on; posts should be grammatically error free and content wise top notch

2. Be consistent and provide practically feasible guides:

Nobody likes an outdated content, just stay with the trend in the industry and provide better and best content which is not already published by any other.

While writing content, make sure that you are writing that in such a manner that it should be understandable by the beginners and you are not complicating it but making it easy instead.

Case studies should be always easily implementable by everyone.

Guest posting is an ever green method of building links, brand, and authority.

How to Get Traffic to Your Website Fast Free

How to Get Traffic to Your Website Fast Free

1. Analyze the user interest and proceed:

Before doing the guest post, analyze their posts and choose the post which got most engagements from the readers and writes a post on that and publishes. This is to ensure that the readers of that particular blog are willing to know more on the specific topic and you are doing it.

2. Extra traffic and art of natural link building from guest posting.

As you are going to publish the blog post in another blog, both of you are going to share the post, and this ensures that both of your audience is going to read the post. This gives more traffic and enough exposure.

strategy of link building

Strategy of Link Building

When it comes to link building, add one or two highly relevant do follow backlinks to your blog, and this is a good practice when it comes to off page SEO.

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Give something to get something:

You cannot earn something from nothing, so to overcome this, you can do following activities in your blog and get maximum return on investment, get traffic to your new Website

Fastest Way to Increase Website Traffic

Fastest Way to Increase Website Traffic

1. Arrange giveaways:

Everybody likes freebies; this is the great way to increase the loyal visitors as well as converting your readers into potential leads. Arrange giveaway in such a manner that your visitors are very much in need of that particular product included in the giveaway.

For instance, consider giving away free mp3 players and iPods if you are targeting youths and consider giving away paid tools or tools from famous brands if you are targeting bloggers.

2. Be tactical and put sign up boxes to increase email list:

Place the sign-up or email subscription boxes in optimum placement positions and more email subscriptions you receive better will be your post reach.

After calling out give away, you can also place your email subscription boxes in giveaway page to get more opt INS.

3. Send them emails on regular basis and use tools to convert the visitors into customers:

Once you are done collecting the emails, send them weekly insights and exclusive tips to keep the communication channel warm.

You can also consider using tools like convert kit for targeting the users with particular interest and get leads.

Writing posts which can bring maximum traffic

How Can i Increase my Website Traffic for Free

How Can i Increase my Website Traffic for Free

While writing posts, be creative and think about the ways of getting traffic from big brands. Follow the below strategies to increase the traffic.

1. Interview big guns of particular niche:

This is the latest trend in the blogosphere where prominent bloggers are interviewed from sites which can grow the traffic and gives exposure to the blogs.

While doing this, first you have to create a proper channel of communication between yourself and the one whom you are going to interview. You can share their posts and comment on them to get their attention.

So that when you approach them for a short interview they wouldn’t say “NO.”

2. Review the products from big brands:

This also helps to get some targeted traffic when you review the big brands, and they would naturally feature you explaining how their product helped you. This works well if you have a nice blog with good visitors count.

Making use of curiosity and converting the visitor to the subscriber:

Humans are curious, and psychologically you can use this factor to get the attention of your readers:

Instant Website Traffic

Instant Website Traffic

1. Mixing the essence of curiosity inside the post with storytelling format:

You can add a small relevant story which pleases the visitors at the beginning of post which keeps the visitors curious and makes them stay on the page for as long as possible.

This helps to reduce the bounce rate and dwell time of your blog which is a good sign.

2. Catchy headlines matter too:

While driving the traffic to your blog at the beginning phase, headlines play a crucial role, and you can make your visitors click the link by increasing the click through rate using the titles like

Five things you don’t know

Three mistakes you shouldn’t do

Six facts to consider before starting a blog

These types of titles are said to increase the user attention over the post.

Get Traffic For Your Blog Website

Get Traffic For Your Blog Website

Conclusion: Though it’s advised to follow this guide to get traffic to your brand new blog, it varies from niche to niche, but the tactics and strategies remain same. While approaching the big names, you should be prepared with counter offers to satisfy their needs and get enough exposure.


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