Facebook Pages To Watch 2018: Spy Your Competitor with This Hidden Tool

Facebook has an unique feature called Facebook Pages To Watch .If you want to win at Facebook  than you need to track your competitor activity . You need to spy them day and night . But doing this process manually will cost  a lot of time .

But thanks to ” Facebook Pages To Watch ” feature . With the help of this feature we can track all activity of our competitor at Facebook  without getting him known . With the help “Facebook Pages to Watch ” we can spy them and find  their  page insight without notifying them.

spy your competitors using Facebook pages to watch :

Benefits Of Tracking Your Competitors :

Keeping track of what your competitors are doing on their fan pages can help to increase your Facebook fans, gain important insights & improve your posting strategy — which will lead to:

  • better posts : 
  • high reach : 
  • more clicks
  • more fans
  • more customers
  • more traffic  : Yes, You can increase your traffic too.
  • more engagement

Fortunately, Facebook offers awesome opportunities to spy on your competition that I am going to describe in this post .

How to find your real competitor : 

If you are wondering how to identify business competitors than google can help us .

Simply go to google home page and type

Related:yoursite.com  ,For this example I am finding competitor of cricbuzz [ a cricket website ] and this will bring some result  like below : 



This common search search will us an idea about :

How much competitor we have? [ In this example there are 40 for cricbuzz]

Who is our biggest competitor ? [In this example espncricinfo is the biggest competitor of cricbuzz. ]

All these websites are your competitor . The next work is to find all these competitor Facebook page . To find there FB page just go to their website /contact us page . You will find an icon of Facebook or a link of there fb page .

Just hit on that link and you will redirect to their Facebook page . Find some other competitor in your niche . Once you get their fb page name , then your next task is to track them anonymously using “Facebook Pages To Watch Feature”

How to add Pages In Facebook Pages To Watch :

Adding competitors page in pages to watch is not a difficult task it’s just as easy as 123.  Just follow the steps below :

    1. Just go to a Facebook page click at Insight .insight


    1. You will see “add to pages” in the footer of your dashboard.  add-pages


  1. There is a link or call to action called “pages to watch ” just click add the pages to watch and enter the pages of your computer .pages-to-watch
  2. You can add minimum 6 pages and maximum there is no limit .
  3. Just add all your competitors pages and then you can check every details of their progress everyday or every week.

There are four columns in this  . Here is details what these columns means:

Total Pages Like :  Simply It is the number of total likes of that page.

From Last Week : It will show that how much likes you or other page get in last week .For example if you have 10000 fans at your page and it’s say +3.0% , it means that this page get 30 new likes .

Post This Week: This column says that how much post a particuler published in a week.

Engagement This Week : Total number of likes ,comments and shares at all page called enagemnet.  Likes +Comments +Shares = Engagements . 

But when we click at any pages it will give us some more data like top post form that page in last week . For my example I have select “WPBeginner ” FB page and suppose I want to see that which post are performing better in that page?

So I just add this page in “Pages To Watch ” and click on the page . It will give result like this :


It will also give data that how much enagement that post get :


146 likes ,12 comments and 46 shares . Boom we got the data.

Final Words :

Watching other pages to see how their engagement increase with time can be valuable for your business and it will always keep you ahead than your competitor. Who don’t want to be ahead ? . As you compare what content, promotion strategy  and timing works for others, you can adapt your own update tactics to reach more people.


What do you think? Have you tried the Facebook Pages to Watch feature in your Facebook Insights? Has it helped you to change your tactics and get more engagement?Do you think its helpful for your business ? Leave your comments and questions below.



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