Easy Backlinks -8 Quick and Fast Way to Build Authority Links for Your site in 2018

Getting easy backlinks for your site is the most important task of SEO.

I know you agree with it.

Me too.



If you are not sure how a link can help to drive visitors and improve search engine ranking then watch this infographics:-

link building benefits


There are thousands of link building tutorial but all of them required a lot of work and are not easy to follow.

So in this quick post I am going to share my 11 easy,fast and quick way to high quality backlinks for your blog.

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#1.Ranksignals competitor analysis:-

Ranksignal is a free backlink checker tool you can use to  find your competitors link with one click.

simply head over to ranksignals.com and create a free account.

Enter your comptiters url and hit enter.




This will show all the backlinks .

Now go to each one by one and create the backlinks.

This is very easy and fast way to build backlinks.

Try this and you will love this.


#2.Pinterest comment link building:-

If you have free time and want to read some very high authoritative blogs then Pinterest is the best place to find them.

Simply head over to Pinterest Home Page.

Type your main keyword in search box and hit enter.

It will show best pins in the past.

Go to each one and publish your great comment.

pinterest comment backlinkis

I bet that all of them will approve your comments.

Here is a template you can use to drive traffic with your comments:-

Hi Blogger Name!

Really Good post ! Appericiate it.

Well I have a doubt/question ” Type your question here [some example: Which hosting is best,how to do wordpress seo, how to index backlinks etc] “

Cheers: Your Name

P.S I have tweeted this great post.


Very simple, Sweet and straight to point.

So here are another easier tricks  which will blow your mind:



#3.Onlywire Bookmarking Link Building:-

You can build 50 social bookmarking backlinks in just one click with onlywire.

This is another reliable and working way to get easy backlinks.

Simply go onlywire.com and sign up for an account. [You need a paid account which cost $10/mo or in a free account you can post into 5 sites. Here is onlywire tutorial]

Set up your account.

There are two plans for onlywire . First is free in which you can connect your 5 profile  and submit up to 100 update. Second paid which charges $9 per month in which you can add 50 networks and submit up to 25000 posts. First you need to either sign up for free and paid.

  1. To sign up simply go here.review-of-onlywire
  2. Enter your email and password.
  3. Verify your email.
  4. And you are done.
  5. Now the next steps are to connect your social network:
  6. To connecting your network just follow the steps:
  7. For this post, I am connecting my twitter.
  8. Click on Add network.steps-to-sign-up-for-onlywire-1
  9. Click on + button under twitterstarting with onlywire
  10. Click activate.activate twitter with onlywire
  11. Authorize that you want to share your details.authorize social media account
  12. And you are done.


This way you can get 50 social bookmarking backlinks in just one click with onlywire. You can also use this tool for social signals or second tier link building.

Here is onlywire video tutorial:-

You can add other network by same method. In free version you can add up to 5 profiles and in paid you can add 50 networks.


#4.Online Friendship:-

Who doesn’t like to make friends?

Everyone loves.

Believe me, if you can build the relationship with just 10 people in internet marketing then you can grow 3X  times faster.

The more friends you have it will better.

So the question is how to build friends in your niche:-

So here is quick step by step tutorial:-

  1. Let’s suppose you have a blog in SEO niche and want to build a relationship with fellow bloggers.
  2. So just go to google and enter your most competitive keyword in this niche. [I entered  Best SEO tools ]
  3. Now go to ahrefs in a new window.[Free account is O.K for this tutorial]
  4. Type URL of which we find in step #2
  5. Check who have linked them.
  6. Now reach out to all these bloggers and start building the relationship with them.

But how?

Just keep on reading…

  1. Follow them on all social media.
  2. Subscribe to their email list.
  3. Send them to compliment email like how you loved their work.[Templet is below]
  4. Share their latest post on twitter or facebook.
  5. Use mass planner to automatically like their facebook and twitter post.
  6. Mentioned them in your blog.


Now you have built a strong relationship with them.

Now if you asked them to tweet/share your post I am sure they will do it without any hesitation.

Yes, This method is very easy and works.


But next method is more easier than it:


#5.Free Advertisement in Classified sites:-

Let’s suppose your need a content writer then what will you do?

Will you go to fiverr or seoclerks to find them right?

But here is a trick.

You can even build dofollow and index-able backlinks with this.

This is another awesome way to get easy backlinks.


Here is how:

Simple go to classified sites and post your ads that you want to hire designer or content writer.

Here is the template you can use:-


We need 3 copy writer for our website https://seofreetips.net

Here are some skills we need:-

Writer should know English well.

Writer have atleast 1 year expeirnce.

Article should be grammar mistake free.

Here are the payment details:-

We will give $5/100 words basis.

Work is lifetime.

You can send your resume here:- adnin@seofreetips.net


Yes, it is very easy.

Here are some free classified sites :-

Classified Ad Sites [All of these sites allow links ]

1    http://www.backpage.com/
3    http://www.usnetads.com/
4    http://www.classifiedslive.com/
5    http://www.freeadvertisingexchange.com/
7    http://www.adsciti.com/
8    http://www.adskorner.com/
9    http://www.adsyellowpages.com/
10   https://www.classifiedads.com/

#6.RSS FEED Submitter:- 

I love this .

This is something ” SET and Forget” system to get backlinks on autopilot.

This is another my favorite way to get easy backlinks

You need to submit your site only one time and you can get backlinks for you each new post on auto -pilot.


Here is how to do it:- 

Alltop is a blog aggregator site with PR6 . If you have a blog of high quality with regular posting then you can high-quality backlinks from them.

To get high-quality backlinks from alltop just follow the steps

  1. Go to http://alltop.com/submission/
  2. Sign up with your details.

how to get high quality backlinks





3. Again go to http://alltop.com/submission/ and fill out every detail of your site.high quality backlinks

4.Hit submit and it’s done.

Now, wait for their reply.If everything goes correctly then they will submit your blog at their site.


Other HQ RSS Aggregator Sites:-

  1. start.me
  2. http://www.rss-network.com/submitrss.php
  3. http://blogdirectory.co/submit-blog-submission.php
  4. https://www.r-bloggers.com/add-your-blog/
  5. http://feedshark.brainbliss.com/
  6. https://www.buzzgalaxy.com
  7. http://www.feedlisting.com/submit.php
  8. http://www.plazoo.com/en/addrss.asp
  9. http://www.feedlisting.com/submit.php


#7.Auto Comment Approve Blogs:-

This is another fast way to get easy backlinks .

I have shared a big list of 501 auto approve blog comment list .

Simply open notepad and create 2 -3 different comment and now to go to each blog.


You can use this template:-

Hi  Blogger Name ,

Really Awesome/Great/informative Post/Article.

I really enjoy/love/like it.

Just tweeted/share it.

Cheers Your Name

Paste your comment and you will get backlinks.

But here is one thing you must consider.

You have made a lot of backlinks now what:-

Simple index them over time.

You can use paid software like index nuke . one hour indexing , lindexed backlinksindexer.com, Scrap box ,GSA indexer and senuke tng etc.

I have tried many software but for me, inidexnuke works great. Another thing which I like about it, you can purchase it at $35 by a single time payment. So it the most cheapest backlink indexer tool available in the market.

Here is a tutorial of indexnuke :


#8.Use IFTTT to Build Backlinks on Auto pilot:-


This is another best way to get easy backlinks .

It’s a Totally Free.Just go ifttt.com and create one account for you.

You can create backlinks for your newly created post on auto pilot.

There is a lots applet available on IFTTT.

With this,you can build backlinks on medium.tumblr,bit.ly.diggo,reddit,wordpress,blogger,pineterst on auto -pilot.

You just need to create an applet for it, Only one time in your life and it will work for the lifetime.

For example, if you want to create backlinks on reddit on auto -pilot then just follow this step:-


Once you have signed up then click on your name.

Then Click on “New Applet”

feed to reddit tutorial


Or you can directly go to https://ifttt.com/create

Select Feed From Service

how to automatically post on reddit

how to automatically post on Reddit


Select “New Feed Item” from the trigger.

feed to reddit tutorial


Enter Your Feed URL.

If you are on WordPress then your feed URL will be http://ww38.yoursite.com/feed and if you are on blogpost than it would be like

Just enter your feed URL and click on create a trigger.

complete feed trigger

then go to  create new Applet

Now you will see a screen like this:-

reddit auto posting tutorial

Just click on + button and select “Reddit” from service.

Authorize your reddit account.

Select Submit link post.

reddit traffic course

Leave Everything Default and in subreddit  field  Write ShareYourBlogPost [S,Y,B and P is capital]

Click on create action.

Finally, Finish it.

reddit free traffic course

Now whenever you will post something new on your blog , it will automatically post on Reddit for a lifetime.


So now it’s your turn to Getting Easy backlinks :-

I have shared everything I know. If you want to rank and bank just start link building.

Only great content can not give you higher search engine ranking. You can build backlinks on regular basis.

So have you any other idea about getting easy backlinks from various source?


Nekraj is an online marketer who runs many websites in different niches. He is a Digital Marketer, SEO Expert, and Copy Writer.Make Me Friend at Facebook| LinkedIn

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