Top 21 Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2018 to Earn $20/Day from Your Blog

Last Update May 10th,2018  If you have rejected from Adsense or your Adsense account got blocked than I am going to share 21 best Google AdSense alternatives in 2018 so that you can earn about $600/month or more than it.

Please Disable Ads Blocker else some  ads network link will not work.Don’t worry there are no ads on this website.

I will share pro bloggers recommendation in this post and also share all the pros and cons of each network.

best google adsense alternatives


In short,you are going to learn:-

  1. 21 alternatives to google adsense
  2. Pros and Cons of each network
  3. How to apply for each network and get approved fast.
  4. Minimum threshold for each alternative
  5. How to increase your earnings with these networks.
  6. Payment Proofs of each network.
  7. The most important , I will also share some fake google adsense alternatives which you should never try to waste your time.

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1.MEDIA NET :Yahoo and Bing : Yahoo and BING Ads network:-

Update:-Only Join if you have good traffic from English country like USA,U.K and Canada.
If you don’t have traffic from these country then don’t waste your time with them.They only pay for premium traffic
You can not earn money with them.Check next ads network in this scenario.

This is number #1 best google Adsense alternatives. Many top websites are using media net ads networks.If you have USA/U.K based website or having traffic from premium country then this is the best network you should join.

How to apply for media net:-

  1. Go to for 10% extra on your first 3 months earning.
  2. Click Sign up and fill required details. [In email field please fill out custom domain instead of personal email for faster improvement.]google adsense alternative
  3. Wait for approving. They will approve your account within 5 days.

Here is  video tutorial:-


Minimum Payment:- supports payment via PayPal or wire-transfer. The minimum payout threshold is $100


How to increase earning with $400 in 3 days:-

Join For FREE

Also Read:- 

2. Popads  Ads Network: Best Google Adsense Alternatives For New Blog:-

Update:- If you have a blog in gambling or porn niche then must join popads as they work best for these industries.

But if you tech or education blog then ignore popads as they only show gambling or porn ads in pop up and pop under windows.

It will also hurt your authority.

If you are just starting and want to monetize your blog than this is best google adsense alternatives for you.

Popads accept every type of blog and approve within hours. Every type means they accept gambling and porn blog too.Even if your blog is on Blogspot or Weebly , you can apply for popads network.


Key Features:

1.Accept all type website 

2. Top Ad Network

3. World Wide  Advertisers

4 Very Low Payout Threshold

5. Dedicated Support Team

6. Categories based ads

7. $5 minimum payout

Yes, You have heard it right.You need not wait for a long time to get your cash.The minimum payout is just $5.0 which is very easy to earn.

8. Payment within 24 Hour

9. Website approval within hour 

Payment Proofs:-

popads review


Click here to sign up for popads. (Disable Ads-blocker else this link will not work)

Popads Tutorial:-


Download Paid Course For Free [Limited time Offer] Secret CASH LADDER secret cash ladder


3.Uber CPM:– They provide quality ads with minimum payout $25 by PayPal.They also accept blogpsot and Weebly blog.

This ads network does not work now.

They will accept your account instantly and you can place your ads right after sign up.

They pay $3/1000 for Indian traffic and $10/1000 for premium traffic.

You can also place their banner with AdSense.

You can use any type banner ads.Here are one banner ads from uber CPM:-

4.Leadsleap:- This is not an AdSense alternatives but you can use it. They are free leads provider for your sitThey have 10 level referral programs.


Update:- You can not make big money from this site.Though there are a lot’s of way to earn income from this site but yet you can not make more than $5 at any cost untill you have 1000’s of referrals.

But if you want to get free leads and traffic to your site then must join this service.

I used leadsleap as an alternative way to get quality traffic and leads to my site.

If you have a site related to Internet Marketing or make money online then You must join leadsleap to get targetted traffic and email subscribers.

As Per Their Description

LeadsLeap 2.0 is a revenue-sharing, advertising and lead generation system, with a focus on training and value creation.

You can place their  ads on your site along with adsense .

How to make money from your blog using leadsleap –

In this section of best google adsense alternative ,I will share a step by step get leadsleap widgetmethod to make some easy dollars from your blog. You can use leadsleap in place of adsense too.

If you don’t have any adsense account or your adsense blocked , just use leadsleap to make money online.

Note – If you have adsence account than you can also show leadsleap ads to your site .It means that you will get double cash from your blog. boom..

Here is the step by step process:

  1. Log in to your leadsleap account.
  2. Click at “Get Leadsleap Widget” from the left side.
  3. Select your widget type , ads number , font size and background color
  4. Once you  finalized it , hit on “Get Code”.get code
  5. For non-Wordpress site, copy and paste the code below into the html code of your website where you want the widget to appear.
  6. For self-hosted WordPress blog, go to WP Admin > Appearance > Widgets, add a Text widget into the sidebar. Copy and paste the code below into the second field in the Text Widget. Click Save.
  7. Now its done. You will get cash whenever someone will click at these ads at your site.

Sign Up For Free Leadsleap Account or Read Leadsleap Review For More Details

5.Admaven :- This is an eCPM based ad network.They provide pop under ads like popads and propeller.Here are some other feature of Admaven:-

  • On-time Payments, End Of Month.
  • Bypass All Ad-block Extensions and Software
  • No Minimum Traffic Requirements.
  • Easy Website Approval
  • Payments via Payoneer, Wire Transfer and PayPal.
  • Accepts World-Wide Traffic.
  • Accepts Any Type Website.
  • Adult Traffic Also Accepted.
  • Automated Payout System.
  • Detailed statistics
  • eCPM optimization
  • Minimum Payout $50

Sign Up For Admaven

6.Propeller Ads:– This is another great CPM based and one of my best google adsense alternatives.It works similarly like popads and all system like them.

You can not use this with popads or adsense.

They have net30 based payment system and minimum payout is $100 via payoneer.

Note: Make sure to disable adsblocker when else no propeller links will work.

Create a Free Account with Propeller Ads


7.Adsterra: Adsterra is one of the fastest growing CPM Ad Network, which offers various monetization option for the publisher. Not just desktop Adsterra offers mobile monetization too.

They offer display banner, popunder, slider ads, mobile display banner, and much more options which publisher can use. Adsterra is also a very good option for advertisers as they can do targeted advertisement, ROI-based campaigns and many more features for advertisers.

Sign Up For Adseterra


8.PayClick:-This is another one of my favorite best google adsense alternatives to try out in 2018. They pay you  for CPM and CPC base.They are native ads provider and there is no minimum traffic required to get started.

Simply go to site and sign up as publisher. Within next 10 minute you will get confirmation email and you can start showing ads after this.

Minimum payout is just $20 and they pay via paypal ,wire  and payoneer.

Sign Up for Payclick



best google adsense alternatives

Adhexa Feautres:-

Auto-Optimied Ads

Multiple ads sixe

Paypmet via paypal and skirrel

Weekly Payment Minimu $10 Payout

Sign Up For Adhexa Account

UpperSeeker Advertising Technology allows visitors to enjoy your websites content, while providing the site owner with a continuous income stream.

UpperSeeker provides you with an array of resources to guarantee every site revenue potential is maximized and placing our advertising on your website or blog, we pay you an amazing advertising revenue.

Site owners can choose from a large selection of completely customizable ad formats, as well as contextual banners, text links and other creatives, and XML feeds to easily integrate into their website or blog.

They don’t have a sign yup forms on their website so you need to first contact them.

Earnings:75% revshare

Sign Up For UpperSeeker


11. NativeAds:-Best google adsense alternatives  network for every type of site.


Sign Up for NativeAds



RevContent Publisher Requirement and Minimum Traffic Criteria:

Revcontent offers more than 100 billion recommendations every month to improve user engagement through quality native advertisements. But it is not an easy task to engage with Revcontent and the company rejects 98% of the applications on an average.

They don’t compromise on the quality of the websites and work only with publishers who have the potential to reach the premium level. Once approved as a publisher it is important to include a Javascript code on the website to portray native recommendations.

It lays certain specific qualities of websites to get engaged into its system. Here are the publisher requirements to join RevContent

  • Client’s websites should attract substantial page impressions monthly on an average. Publishers who are accepted into the Revcontent network typically have an average of 2-3 millions of page views a month. This is the RevContent minimum traffic criteria.
  • Sites should refrain itself from objectionable content such as hacking, banned pharma products, malware etc.
  • Sites have to ensure that the content they post should be original and fresh. Revcontent is very strict with its copyright laws.
  • The Content of websites should be of high quality, it would not pardon the wrong usage of words and spelling errors.

In short Revcontent is for big website which have high number of daily visitors.

Sign UP For Rev Content

13.BuySell Ads:-


BuySellAds offers you 75% of the revenue they get from the advertisers. They also let you get the money you have earned on demand. Just put in a request and you can get your payment in the next 2-3 days. The only condition is that you can only request payments twice a month.

Minimum payout is $20 via paypal and don’t require any minimum traffic to get started.

It means that if you have only 100 to 200 visit/day than you can also start .

Sign Up fo BuySellAccount




Adbuff is a premium CPM ad network that has strict approval guidelines for publishers and advertisers. They are currently accepting publishers who have English sites with a majority of the traffic coming from USA, Canada, Australia and the UK.

Publisher sites require at least 2,000 unique visitors per day. Approval times can take between 5 – 7 days and every approved site will receive a $25 welcome bonus for signing up.

For premium publishers who are looking for a high rate CPM ad network, Adbuff is the first ad network you should look at.

Sign Up For Adbuff

15.Exponential: Exponential is one of the most popular CPM ad networks. They are popular for high CPM rates. If you get more than 500,000 unique users per month then you can apply on Exponential for publisher program.

Final Words: -Never put your all eggs in one bucket.Try different ads network for your site. I am sure you should try one of these google adsense alternatives if you want to make more money from your blog.

Share your experience with these top and best Google adsense alternatives in comments.

Which ads network you are using right now?


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