15 Advanced SEO Tips and Tricks to Double Your Search Traffic 2018

So you are ready to learn these 15 advanced seo tips and tricks to double your traffic ?

advanced seo tips and tricks


Well I guarantee that these 15 seo techniques will magically boost your search traffic and ranking . I am so much sure because these techniques also boosted my search traffic.

serp example

Advance SEO Tips and Tricks #1.Keep Total Link Low (under 100) : As matt cuts says in his post  “Keep the links on a given page to a reasonable number (fewer than 100).”

The reason he had given in his post :

“The original reason we provided that recommendation is that Google used to index only about 100 kilobytes of a page. When we thought about how many links a page might reasonably have and still be under 100K, it seemed about right to recommend 100 links or so.

If a page started to have more than that many links, there was a chance that the page would be so long that Google would truncate the page and wouldn’t index the entire page.”


Second reason he added

“If you’re showing well over 100 links per page, you could be overwhelming your users and giving them a bad experience. A page might look good to you until you put on your “user hat” and see what it looks like to a new visit”

Here is Official Video :


This is simple .You should keep total links (nofollow+dofollow) on your page under 100 . It also count comments link .

So if you get lots of comments than you might have more than 100 links on that page .


So how to fix this problem :


1.Remove all links from your post which are not required.

2.Log in to your wordpress dashboard – Comments and delete website URL from your own comments.seo tips and tricks 2017

3. Delete porn/gambling website URL form user comments .If you checked all your comments carefully than you will find many spam links.

4. Delete all links which are dead ,profile links (like twitter.com/xyz , fb.com/xyz ,youtube.com/xx etc.) ,delete dead links . .tk ,.pl ,.id etc extension name .

advanced seo tips

Note: Don’t delete your regular user links and niche related quality links .

Advance SEO Tips and Tricks #2. Delete junk post and pages -If your blog is old than you have many post which don’t have any value now .Simply delete such post/page so that link juice come to your main page and post .

interlink juice

3.Fix your entire broken link : Simply delete/change  all dead/broken from your website .


How to easily find broken links on your site:

1.Log in search console than crawl error than you will see list of dead URL in your site.

crawl error

2.You can install broken link extension and run that extension at each of your post .Once you find delete/exchange all dead URL.


4.Make your site Mobile Friendly (AMP) : Make a mobile version of your site .It will increase your serp in mobile browser .Nowadays 60% people surf internet from their smartphone .

So make sure your site is mobile friendly .

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How to make your site mobile friendly :

A.Use big font .

B. Compress image (or use css instead of images) .You can install tinypng plugin for wordpress .It will automatically compress your image whenever you upload new image in your dashboard.

5.Make your site fast to lead : A study shows that most of the visitors wait under 7 sec to load a page .If you page can’t load before that time you are losing traffic.

Here is an infographics from Kissmetrics  which reveals deeper info about loading time:

loading time


How to make your site load fast :

1.Delete useless plugin .

2.Download/install wp-sweep plugin and clear junk wordpress database eg. Spam comments , trash comments, revision etc.

3.If you have technical wordpress knowledge than disable useless JavaScript by modifying theme.

6.Dead Web 2.0 Link building  : This is one of the widely used seo tips and tricks but most of the time SEO Guys don’t share it A web 2.0 is site where we can create our free blog eg . WordPress , BlogSpot ,tumbler ,weebly ,yola etc  .

So what does dead web 2.0 link building :

There are many blogger who delete their blogs due to some reason .

So our work is to finding such dead web2.0 domain and register them .

Because those dead 2.0 already have some backlinks so we can put our money site link on those dead webs 2.0 blogs.


Generally tumblr allows registering on dead domain . So our first work is finding dead tumblr . The easiest way to finding dead tumblr is ‘to buy’ .You can purchase them from seoclerks at very cheap rate.

expired tumblr blog

Once you have some dead tumblr blog ,register on them . Upload a simple image with pointing a link to your money site(main site).

web 2.0 link building

7.Social Signals : Social signals play a vital role to rank these days .

You need to get as much as social signals you can for your blog (or post) .

You need to focus getting G+ signals specially . This is a big seo tips and tricks you have ever read Here is easy process to get easy signals :


  1. Share your post in as much as FB group you can .
  2. Share your post in all your social media profile .
  3. Register at social exchange sites like addmefast .
  4. Buy mass planner that automatically share your post in 100’s of fb ,LinkedIn and G+ groups/communities . More details you can find in mass planner review.
  5. You can also buy about 2300 social signals in $3 from seoclerks.cheap social signals
  6. Register at viralcontentbuzz which is free and get quality social shares for your post.


Suggested Reading :

51 Ways to getting fast FB page likes

50 ways to getting free twitter followers .

8.Update your old post : Because an updated post is equal to new post in Google eyes. Simply find out which post are not getting enough view . Once you find than update them .


I have also updated many post times to time and republish them . For example I have changed 11 blogging tools to 101 Free Tools for Every Blogger and a lot more.


9.Exact match anchor text form internal pages :

Interlinking is good to SEO. But the best way to boost your SEO through interlinking is using exact match anchor text for your post .


For example if I want to link my onlywire review form this post so I should use ‘onlywire review ‘ as anchor text . This works great for me and I am sure it will also work best for you .

  1. Indexing your backlinks : This is my favorite advanced seo tips and tricks . We create/make backlinks for our website but what if Google doesn’t index them ?

A ‘non-index backlink’ is like ‘no backlink ‘


So first question how to recognize that our backlinks has been indexed or not ?

Simple just go to Google search and type ” site:www.yourbacklinksurl.com “

If this comes with any result than it means it has been index else hasn’t .

advanced seo techniques with example

Second question what is the best way to index backlinks ?

I don’t like to confuse you by saying to ping them . Pining doesn’t work . The best and easiest way to index all of your backlinks is to submit all of them in Google submit URL .    


Here is complete Guide  how to index backlinks In Google 

Advance SEO Tips and Tricks #11 Deep link building : Most of the bloggers build link for their homepage .It is not a good  SEO  practice . You should also make backlinks for your inner post . It will also increase your domain authority which is big seo factors.

12.Redirect dead domain : This is something like black hat seo  . But you can still use this because it works great .

You work is to find/buy dead domain which is related to your niche . Once you purchased ,just redirect them to your money site .

You can use Godaday domain auction to find dead domain.

13.Embeding YouTube video : You don’t have a YouTube video  ,don’t worry .I am not telling you to make your own video . Instead of this ,embed any other related video .

How will this benefit you :

Let’s suppose you have written a post which have 700 words [about 2 min read time . ]


Now suppose you have added a 5 minute video so if visitors come to your site they will also watch that video and your average time on site will increase to 7 minutes . And once again this is one of the main Google ranking factors .


Check my 101 ways to drive traffic for free and notice how many YouTube video I embed . Here is what Ankit Singla from Bloggertipstricks say about this


Embedding a video increases the average time spend by a reader on a blog and does give it a natural and pure white hat SERP boost.


14.Target Question Keywords and write your article in answer style :


There are many question queries in each niche which have high volume . Your work is to do proper keyword research .Check forums and quora what people are asking  .you can also use answerthepublic to finding the questions of your audience.



Once you find such question’s query than start writing article in answer style .

Some Example of this :


Do proper keywords research and you will find many queries of these types.

15.Linking Authority sites related to your niche: Many people think that outranking other website may steal your traffic but its half-truth .  If you follow top internet marketer you may notice that they outrank other website in their niche time to time . Here is a screenshot from Neil post on page seo for blog post


on page soe for blog post

In the above screenshot you can see that he have linked 4 website in first 100 words .Why he (and other seo guys ) do this ?


Simply to tell search engine that this post is related to them . So search engine index them fast and give better rank . You may have noticed that some sites rank fast without on page seo optimization . This post is great example :


Free Backlinks – Get 201+ free .edu and .gov backlinks


I have not optimized this post too much but yet I am getting 50+ search engine visitor/day  for this post .


Why ? because I have linked 201 edu and gov website in this post .


I also  outrank other website in each of my post . But  beware there are also some other  trick which will benefit you :


1.Link similar traffic website and notice them so they can also link you back .

2.Make sure to open these entire links in a new window to reduce bounce rate.

3.Only link that are closely related to your site . If in any case you need to link which are not related to your site makes sure to add no-follow attribute. [Just make link no follow]

4.Don’t link any website in your review post . [Or the other post which you have written for money making . ]


Here is what brain dean from backlinko says on this :


This is a big one.

Most SEO-focused folks don’t link out to other sites enough.

The idea is that they’ll lose traffic and bleed link authority (PageRank).

But here’s the deal:

Google WANTS to send their users to pages that are hubs of helpful information.

(And yes, that includes pages with a healthy amount of outbound links)

And for every user you lose from an outbound link, you gain TWO from the boost in SEO traffic.


So make sure you include at least 3 outbound links to closely-related authority sites in every post.


Final Thoughts :


So SEO in 2018 will be tough but If you follow the right seo tips and tricks which I have mentioned you will rank fast . You need to take a step by step plan .

Remember SEO is not a single day process .you need to keep patience and working smarter each day . I have already ranked my many sites by following  above advances seo tips .


Now it’s your turn to rank your site . Remember to share your view on above  advanced seo tips and tricks .


As a blogging guys what is the most difficult work in SEO ?


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